About 110% Nutrition

About 110% Nutrition

About 110% Nutrition

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110% Our Mission

Deliver the highest quality products and service in the supplement industry.

Proud Owners

My name is AJ Mennuti, and I am one of the proud owners of 110% Nutrition! My passion has been in fitness since I joined my first gym at 14 years old. I played sports for most of my life, but I soon realized that I enjoyed training for sports more than actually playing them. I immediately fell in love with fitness and have spent all of my free time after that dedicated to reaching my personal fitness goals. Being that I have an incredibly analytical personality, I consistently immerse myself in scientific research on all aspects of fitness to make sure I know the most efficient way to reach a fitness goal. So how did my simple passion turn into this company? I’ll give a brief background. After graduating high school, I was still very unsure of what I wanted to do with my life.

Family Motivation

Only wanting the best for me, my family pushed me to go to college and get a typical “safe” career. So, I attended to UNC Charlotte for 5 years where I earned a bachelors and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. After spending some time as a Mechanical Engineer in corporate America I knew this was not the right fit for me. There was something missing in my life. I realized that I needed to chase my dream and get involved in the only thing I have had a passion for throughout my entire life… the fitness industry. I reached out to my Dad to tell him my final decision and share my business plan with him.
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Our Promise

Our focus is set on giving back, not our profit margins.

Strong Family Values

We set out to run a company that actually has, and keeps, it's strong family values and morals that are based on improving the lives of others. Most importantly, we promise to run a company that is founded on giving back and helping those in need instead of just chasing the bottom line. With that being said, we went against all financial advice and decided that 110% Nutrition will donate a percentage of ALL supplement proceeds from our website to a charity of the customers choice. When our customers are checking out, they will have the option to choose between a group of diverse, pre-selected charities that have proven to provide the most positive impact on their targeted group.

My Dad has told me since the day I was born “Always give 110% in every aspect of your life and you will be successful” … Hence the name of the brand. My dad and I have lived by that every day of our lives and it has helped to build a work ethic that we are incredibly proud of.

Over the years of failures and hard lessons learned, we have truly become "Those who know what it takes to give 110%." We are truly an old-fashioned company and we believe that our products represent ourselves. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to make sure each and every one of our customers has the best, most one of a kind, experience in the supplement industry!
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