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Lifting Straps - Black (FREE SHIPPING)


Premium Lifting Straps

All of our Lifting Straps are sourced from a reputable supplier, manufactured with premium material, and individually inspected to ensure supreme quality and maximum durability. 
Of course, all Lifting Straps come with our 110% Satisfaction Guarantee!
These lifting straps are perfect for all levels of lifters who are looking for extra grip support to help improve their bodybuilding, weight lifting, powerlifting, Crossfit, and/or general fitness performance.
Our padded lifting straps combine top of the line comfort and durability to ensure optimal performance. They are made from the highest quality materials with reinforced stitching and high-strength fabric. Extra thick neoprene padding cushions your wrist to prevent chafing, blisters, or any irritation you may experience when lifting heavy weights. The 18 inch straps are fully adjustable to fit all wrist sizes and lifting techniques. 


*All Lifting Straps are sold as a pair.