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Introducing our next product - Complete Aminos !

by AJ Mennuti 12 Apr 2021
Introducing our next product - Complete Aminos !

Well, You all asked for it and here it is. The 110% Nutrition Team is happy to announce the release of our new Complete Amino Acid Product!


Our customers have fallen in love with the unique, spot on flavors we were able to deliver with our first two products. Since our launch, just over 2 months ago, we have been receiving constant messages about when we would be coming out with our next product. Of course, these messages provided a welcome relief as it was clear that all of the stress and sacrifice that went into creating a brand that cuts no corners to ensure the customer is the first priority was paying off. Most of the feedback we have received was challenging us to deliver an Amino Acid product with the same level of remarkable taste and quality we pride our self on. People want to be able to sip on something delicious all day long… and you can’t exactly do that with out current PreWorkout products. However, I have heard from some of our more savage customers out there who mix a few scoops of pre in a gallon jug and sip on it throughout the day... Bless your hearts!


With all these requests coming in we put the Intra Workout product we were developing on the backburner and switched gears to creating the best tasting, comprehensive Amino Acid product in the game. After about 5 weeks of constant taste testing, input from our customers, formulation refining, and trial and error with different raw material/flavor sources we finalized our formula and flavors. We tweaked and tweaked until each of the flavors were perfect on all fronts and tasted exactly like what the label says. The final 4 flavors of 110% Nutrition Complete Aminos are as follows:


  1. Sweet Tea Lemonade
  2. Strawberry Limeade
  3. Piña Colada
  4. Ultra White


The Sweet Tea Lemonade flavor is the only one we kept from our original 3 PreWorkout flavors. We wanted to come up with all new, exclusive flavors but Sweet Tea Lemonade has developed a cult following and the fans made us PROMISE to turn this refreshing flavor into an Amino Acid product so they can drink it all day. Some of these “spirited” customers look like they could lay down a mean ass whoopin (especially some of our women powerlifting supporters who make me look like a house cat in a lion’s den) so we happily obliged. Next, Strawberry Limeade and Piña Colada were by far the 2 most requested new flavors by our supporters. Being that we are a strictly customer focused brand, we went to work to create the best tasting version of these highly requested flavors to hit the market. I am happy to say… we definitely succeeded! We are blown away with how accurate the taste profiles came out in the final product. Now, the last flavor is one we have been wanting to figure out for over a year now. It has kind of been a pet project for us as there is no flavor like it in the supplement industry. Ultra White tases exactly like one of my favorite drinks, and my ultimate guilty pleasure. We can’t give too much away here… But we will say this is hands down the best tasting supplement we have ever tried in our lives. We are going to leave it up to you all to give it a try and see if you can figure out the flavor profile. If you are tired of the same old flavors just repeated by different brands, we can guarantee Ultra White will change the game for you!


As for the product itself, we went with a Comprehensive Amino Acid Matrix that includes quality sourced EAAs, BCAAs, and advanced hydration ingredients (such as natural coconut water extract, Pink Himalayan salt, and a balanced electrolyte blend). This product contains a hefty, clinical dose of 8g of Amino Acids to ensure we can provide our customers with the most beneficial supplement for optimal muscle repair and recovery. Not to mention we were able to put together a large 40 serving container for only $41.10 (to follow our unique “110” pricing structure)! In summary, not only are we able to deliver the highest quality and best tasting Amino Acid product on the market, but we were able to do it at one of the lowest prices! We are able to accomplish this because at 110% Nutrition we don’t spend our money on marketing and take some of the lowest profit margins in the industry. While most think we are idiots for this business model, we truly believe if you put the customer first in every aspect of business, the character and compassion of the brand will speak for itself. If that means it takes 6 months or 10 years to turn a profit, we are ok with that. We would prefer to see customers reach their goals faster and safer all while supporting a good cause with our charity donation program built into each purchase. We take pride in our strong family values and customer focused business model and believe that doing things the right way is the only way. We refuse to cut a single corner when we release a product with our name on it. That is the key to brand loyalty. After all, the most rewarding aspect of this business is creating a special relationship with each of our supporters and earning their trust the old-fashioned way, not with phony, targeted marketing ploys. Our customers trust us to be the one supplement company in the industry that will always put their safety, health, and goals (in and out of the gym) as the first priority.

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Introducing our next product - Complete Aminos !

Introducing our next product - Complete Aminos !

Well, You all asked for it and here it is. The 110% Nutrition Team is happy to announce the release of our...
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